UBC Séjour

As a French language teacher, learner and doctoral student in the department of Language and Literacy Education at the University of British Columbia (UBC), I am passionate about the French language and its Francophone culture. When I began my doctoral degree at UBC, I was pleased to see initiatives in place that provide opportunities for practicing French language teachers, teacher candidates and learners to bring the French language to life.

One example is the bi-annual Séjour, which brings French speakers together to learn about new pedagogical strategies and to partake in interactive intercultural experiences. I have facilitated workshops in French at this event the past 3 Séjours. However, this time I offered my services as a photographer. It was a lovely way to partake in the festivities and capture shared moments of learning and joy among participants. In addition, it allowed me to see things through the eyes of its participants and take on the different roles present in the language classroom.

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