Zero Food Waste

We are lucky to live in this world however, our world is now in peril due to our own actions. In an effort to counter the wrongs we have done, people have gathered together around the world to change the way we think about our consumption and how we view and produce waste.

Compared to the other cities I have lived in, Vancouver is forward thinking and has made significant strides to fight climate change. Of course, there is always more that can be done. Rethink2gether is a local Vancouver based consulting organization that aims to raise awareness of the food waste we produce on a daily basis. The co-founders, Laure and Ben, argue for a Zero Waste strategy to prevent food waste and are making efforts to reach out to local businesses.

Their commitment to the environment is incredible, and in December 2019, I had the pleasure of photographing their first Zero Waste Event, which featured several local Vancouver businesses.

If you are itching to make a positive impact, start now and rethink the way you buy, use and dispose of your food.

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