Here and Gone: Photos of an Ephemeral 

was a virtual exhibition of street photography produced by the members of the Vancouver Street Photography Collective (VANSPC). Our collective celebrates a diverse, complex and often hidden Vancouver that challenges the tourist images of a pristine city bounded by  mountains and ocean. In this exhibition, members displayed photographs of Vancouver, each with their own take on the city. This event was part of the 2020 Capture Photographer Festival's Events Program. 

As part of this exhibit, I selected a piece that was near and dear to my heart, which touched upon one of the largest public movements in Vancouver  in 2019 - the Global Climate Strike. 

Together we stand (2019)

On September 27, 2019, over 100,000 people of all ages and cultures united on the streets of Vancouver for the global climate strike. This peaceful march that will live on for years to come raised awareness about climate change and was characterized by the prominent and rising voices of the next generation that resides in this city.

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